November 20

Your Body Will Heal… If You Give It the Right Conditions



Do your beliefs support the health you’d like to have... and empower you to achieve it? 

When you’ve had a condition for some time, maybe years, it may be nearly impossible to believe you can live without it.

Fortunately, you can change your mind by making fundamental changes and creating better habits. And it's these changes and new habits that will bring you to a place where you not only believe it… you’re living in a new and desired state of health.

I have yet to hear anyone in my entire life say, "Oh, I love change". People might say they’re good with change, they like change —but if you dig deeper, what they really like is the result of change. What they really like is if they’re able to accomplish some goal, desire, or vision that they’ve struggled to accomplish.

None of them, however, have I ever heard say that they loved the process.

For many years, I worked in different corporate functions helping organizations to change. Typically those changes were around business processes or ways of doing things. Sometimes that meant people had to let go of a way they performed a task for 20 years... sometimes it meant losing a co-worker due to layoffs as the new processes were more efficient.

Not once in 25+ years of corporate life was the process of change easy.

I’ve lived long enough to see people go through incredibly difficult situations – the loss of jobs, divorces, deaths of parents, spouses, loved ones, friends, bankruptcies.

I’ve also seen enough people lose and gain weight back that we could probably fill up an entire stadium with people who made change... but then failed to maintain it.

Why? Why did they fail to maintain it?

Most of the time the structures just weren’t in place to help them maintain it and to help them keep the new habits they’d formed, but hadn’t quite internalized.

This is true whether change is happening to an organization or a person.

I myself have struggled to change.

I’ve lost weight, gained weight, met my exercise goals, fell away from exercising, eaten healthy for a period…

And then fell off the wagon.

So when did I do my best at meeting my goals? When I engaged others to help me.

Doing it alone is boring, difficult, and frustrating. Yes, it can be rewarding, but most people need others to help them fully change their habits.

We admire successful sports stars — their athleticism, their physiques, their physical abilities. And yet, we forget that they made it into the professional big money leagues because they had a grade school teacher that saw something in them, or an uncle in Junior High that spent time practicing with them on Saturdays, or parents who sacrificed so they could afford to be on a traveling soccer team.

Throughout their school careers, they had coaches... but, more than that, they had entire bleachers, stands, stadiums full of people cheering them on… cheering for their success.

And then, once they make it to the big leagues, they literally have teams of trainers and nutritionists and coaches — millions and millions of dollars spent supporting their health, their abilities, their success.

Most of us don’t have that.

At best, we’ll have 2 or 3 people in our life that really have our back, that support us and push us and dream with us.

It’s these same ‘change management’ skills that I honed in corporate America that I use today to help people attain the health they so desperately seek.

What do you need to change in order to live the life you want? And what do you need to change to have the health you need to accomplish those dreams?

It doesn’t matter what the issue is… or what you’re struggling with, whether you want to lose weight, overcome an autoimmune condition, or just finally find some joy and leave depression behind. 

At the end of the day, I’m here to help you change… to make the choices that align with your vision, with your goals, and with your dreams of what your life and health can be. Please don't hesitate to contact me so we can start you on the right path today!

Dr. Kenton Anderson 

About the author 

Dr. Kenton Anderson

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. At the age of 45 Kenton began his journey of studying medicine because he knew there “was a better way”. He obtained his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at the age of 50 from the National University of Health Sciences.

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