March 20

COVID-19 Update: Thrive In Place



Let’s face itwe don’t know, we simply don’t know.

We don’t know how long the virus will be around,
we don’t know how long we’ll be social distancing,
we don’t know how long until we can once again gather in groups of 10 or more,
we don’t know if our finances will hold out,
we don’t know what happens if we get sick with something besides COVID-19.

I’m just going to stop there.

The one thing we do know – we get to choose how 
we relate to the unknown.

This past couple of weeks I’ve vacillated between hope and fear and anxiety and panic and calm and peace and… it’s been a whirlwind of emotions.

Yep – just because I’m a doctor doesn’t mean I’m immune to the effects of all this.

About 3 AM I awoke this morning with an idea – an idea that we could all Thrive in Place instead of merely suffering in place, sheltering in place, overwhelming in place, etc. and I wanted to share it with you. I hope that somehow my little blurbs, hint, tips, and challenges will help you Thrive In Place and beyond.

Some days I may take my phone outside and we can take a walk together on a Facebook LIVE, or maybe you’d like to walk virtually with a friend.

Some days I’ll just write a bit and hopefully, you’ll find it inspiring.

Some days maybe I’ll send a recipe of something I made up from whatever I had in my pantry. I’ll just take it day by day.

There’s one thing I know – we don’t get to say what happens, but we 100% get to say how we’re going to react to what’s happening.

I see this is going to be an incredible opportunity to finally get a chance to create, to clear, to be healthy, __________________, you fill in the blank.

I invite you to sit down TODAY and write out a list of items that you would like to work on while we’re all Thriving in Place. I don’t mean the things and tasks you want to do – that’s doing in place.

Let’s not turn Thriving in Place into doing in place.

My challenge is to write down those things you’ll commit to that will inspire you and pull you forward.

I’ll start:

  • I have meditated off and on for years – I have never been able to make it a habit. I always do it a day here, a day there. Now with no commute – I should be able to fit just 15-minutes daily. That’s my commitment – not only will I be grateful for the benefits of meditation, I’ll also know that I’m honoring myself and my commitment to wellbeing. 
  • Reading – who doesn’t have a stack of books lying around they’ve been meaning to read? Some of you may have e-books, but I much prefer holding a book in my hands. First up for me is to read The Selfish Gene – I know it’s old but somehow very current.
  • Not to leave work out, I’ve been noodling some additional offerings for a bit now, and this is a great opportunity to get them onto paper and into production. Exciting things around the corner!
  • Exercisewho needs a gym? There are plenty of opportunities to move in your house, out on the sidewalk, and in nature if you’re lucky enough to be near it. I’ve seen many friends doing free workouts on Facebook – join them! You can get your sweat on right in your living room! Yoga, walking, on-line Werq (well I may let others do that) – a lot of time to be physical. This is a great opportunity to take 10-minute breaks throughout the day and increase your movement.
  • It's springtime! My gardens need work, and now I should be able to fit in some time to dig in the dirt. There is a lot of research available today proving the benefits of playing in the dirt!

These are all some pretty simple things that will improve your mood, and keep you focused on creating a future you're excited to live in.

It’s important that in these times of uncertainty you honor yourself – honor the vessel you walk the earth in.

So what do you say – are you up for today’s challenge – write a list of things you’d like to utilize this Thrive In Place time for

You can change it, add to it, delete from it – whatever works – just get something down on paper!

Remember you can choose to Thrive In Place!

Be well,  
Dr. Kenton Anderson

PS: At the risk of setting off a communal groan, it’s also a great time to sit with your castor oil packs and help your body detoxify from all of the stress.

Yes, I know – some of you hate them, some of you love them – it’s a great time to make friends with them!

If you don’t know about them – call Carrie in the office and set-up a 15-minute immune consult – they’re great for supporting immunity!

About the author 

Dr. Kenton Anderson

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. At the age of 45 Kenton began his journey of studying medicine because he knew there “was a better way”. He obtained his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at the age of 50 from the National University of Health Sciences.

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