March 17

COVID-19 Update: Engaging Options



Well that was fast..

On Saturday, it was announced that two cases of COVID-19 had popped up in Evanston which means that more are on the way.

For every case diagnosed one can assume there are many more out there as the virus is 10 steps ahead of us in terms of what we see and how many people who have yet to display symptoms.

For those of you who like data and are tracking this thing, click here.

This virus is nothing to become complacent about. We’re not at a peak incidence yet, but it's coming.

Fear won’t help anything but logical, reasonable decisions will. As in every virus, flu, epidemic, pandemic, etc. we will lose some people; mostly the elderly and health compromised.

The numbers show the vast majority of people who contract this illness will have mild symptoms. We can all do our part to help protect those most vulnerable by maintaining distance, washing our hands, and encouraging those at risk to quarantine themselves and then by helping those who are quarantined with grocery shopping, etc.

The brief history of this thing shows us that the incidence of infection starts out slow and then rapidly doubles and doubles.

I’m reminded of the old brain teaser: On day one there is one lily pad on a lake.
The number of lily pads doubles daily and on day 48 the entire lake is full of lily pads. On which day is the lake half full of lily pads? The answer is on day 47. This virus spreads a bit like that – lulling us into thoughts of “well, it’s not that bad”, “surely we would see more by now”. This type of thinking is not helpful.

I highly recommend that those over 60 and those immune compromised self quarantine at least until we’re on the other side of the curve.

I've compiled some important information for you below.

Engaging with you via Phone

To keep everyone as safe as possible, The Heartwood Center has made the difficult decision to close in order to protect all of the patients, practitioners and patrons of the Center.  

This decision was not made lightly, but in acknowledgement that the center is a place utilized by people of all ages and levels of health.  So effective immediately, all appointments will be held via the phone.

Phone consults are not new for me and many of you. I’ve used these since I started practice. The reality is that your autoimmune condition, your digestive problems, your skin issues, fatigue, malaise, sinus congestion – none of these things magically disappear because a new virus has arrived.

There is still much we can do to help you navigate your health in the midst of a global pandemic. You don’t have to suffer until this is over.

How it works:

  • Schedule a phone consult on my website If you already have an appointment on the books, we’ll just change it to a phone consult from an in-person visit.
  •  For patients who would need changes to supplementation, I’ll update your recommendations on Fullscript or have the supplements drop shipped from the supplier if need be.
  • For patients who require herbal formulas we’ll figure out the best solution.  We’ll have our phone consult and determine how best to get your herbs to you. 
  •  If you have an appointment on the books that you'd like to cancel, no problem; just please give notice 24 hours in advance as usual.

New! Immune Support Consults

Sequestering ourselves away isn’t all we can do to stay healthy.

Our immune systems will need extra support in these times of stress. Stress taxes our systems and lowers our immunity and makes us more susceptible to contracting illness – exactly what we don’t need right now!

To help you navigate all the advice found on Dr. Google, I’m offering a 15 minute phone consult to go through my recommendations specific to you. The cost for the consult is $55 and I’ll add my recommendations to your Fullscript account.
Fullscript as usual is 20% off retail for my clients.

All of this is subject to change as we receive new info together daily, but this is the best solution I have for my patients in the moment.

Interesting times require experimentation and creative solutions.

Wishing you and your families all the best!

contact me to book in here.

Be well,
Dr. Kenton Anderson

About the author 

Dr. Kenton Anderson

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. At the age of 45 Kenton began his journey of studying medicine because he knew there “was a better way”. He obtained his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at the age of 50 from the National University of Health Sciences.

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