Success Story #3

This following case is a perfect example that you cannot defy the laws of nature for a long period of time without the body reacting in a way that produces unwanted symptoms.

In today’s Type A society, always being busy is worn like a badge of honor. It shouldn’t be — it should be worn as a badge that represents self-abuse. Nature has laws and when we don’t follow them, the body responds.

[NOTE: Their results may not be your results. Results are dependent on a lot of variables, not the least of which is the client following the recommendations. No doctor should ever guarantee a result… this would be unethical.]


Success Story - 
Condition: 21st Century Fatigue

A 47-year-old female came to me with a chief complaint of fatigue. She literally could not keep her eyes open during the day and would have to sneak away from her office to steal a quick 10-minute nap on a bench on a lower level in her building. She works in a very competitive corporate world and being fatigued like that would be considered weakness and put her job at risk.

At the first visit, reviewing her health history, she stated she had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and typically vacillates back and forth between constipation and diarrhea.

So much of our health / ill-health can often be tied back to our digestive health. It’s ground zero!

She exercised heavily 6 days a week.

Those two things were pretty much her symptoms: So fatigued she couldn’t keep her eyes open and poor digestion.

Here’s what we did:


  • Removed her food intolerances — she is egg intolerant
  • Evaluated her adrenal function
  • Supported her adrenals with herbs and specific nutrients
  • Supported her gastrointestinal tract with herbs
  • Home hydrotherapy
  • Recommendation to engage in activities to reduce stress

In addition to the above, she had other elements required for success:

  • She had a reason big enough: Loss of job, responsibilities as mom / spouse
  • She followed the recommendations. Completely changing a diet is difficult but she did it without question
  • She engaged with support. She saw me monthly

The results?

At 6 months 

  • Energy was much improved but still having days of significant fatigue
  • Digestion had improved but still having IBS symptoms
  • Evaluated her gastrointestinal system for parasites, h. pylori, bacterial imbalances
  • Discussed that while she was better, the changes we were making were not resolving the root cause — a type A schedule that included too much stress
  • She expressed symptoms related to menopause so I recommended some herbal support and seed cycling to balance hormones

at 2 Years

  • She was let go from her job and is grateful for it. She has enjoyed spending time with her children and engaging in some self care
  • Energy is much better and unless she eats outside of her diet, her digestion is as well
  • We talked about having better balance with the new job, which she is going to try, knowing that the stress of the job was a huge component of her not feeling well to begin with

Where is she today:

  • She’s in her new job
  • She’s mindful of balance but finds herself falling into old habits
  • She’s had some moments where fatigue pops up and it makes her mindful to be better at self-care
  • Her digestion requires some herbal support on a regular basis, often due to dietary indiscretions at client dinners

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