Success Story #2

In the following case, the client came to me for a particular issue, but what you’ll see from this case study is that health issues rarely happen in a bubble. There are often many things that are related and that have to be addressed together in order to resolve the most significant issue which, in this case, was the skin.

[NOTE: Their results may not be your results. Results are dependent on a lot of variables, not the least of which is the client following the recommendations. No doctor should ever guarantee a result… this would be unethical.]


Success Story - 
Conditions: Psoriasis / Extreme Skin Condition

A 37-year-old female came to me with a chief complaint of psoriasis. She literally was covered from head to toe in lesions. She was miserable and felt terrible about herself — so much so that she had lost her libido and desire to be intimate with her husband. She wore long sleeve shirts, turtlenecks and long pants every day to cover up her skin and her embarrassment.

At the first visit, we discussed the skin issue, but I also took a complete health history. What we found was there was more going on than just skin — that was the symptom of what were other long-term chronic issues related to her digestion.

For one thing, she was also constipated, although she didn’t complain about it as it didn’t bother her. She only had a bowel movement every 3rd day or so. Her body was clearly not eliminating toxins regularly through her colon and she had been this way for as long as she could remember.

It was also noted that this most recent flare up had occurred shortly after her mother passed away after a long battle with cancer, and she was struggling with the grief of losing someone who had been one of her best friends.

When I first saw her, she stated her sleep was fine. Three visits later, however, she stated that her sleep was ‘so much better’. She hadn’t realized that her sleep wasn’t actually that good but, when it improved, she was able to see just how great good sleep can be!

We’re often like this… we learn to tolerate less than optimum.

There wasn’t anything else of great significance noted, so we were ready to start implementing recommendations:

My Recommendations:


  • Remove her food intolerance — in her case, potato and wheat
  • Supplementation:
  • Herbal liver support to help with detoxification
  • Multivitamin and vitamin D — general nutrient support
  • Homeopathic to help with grief – mind/body support
  • Castor oil packs to help with detoxification
  • Exercise — she’s a runner and continued that

In addition to the above, she had other elements required for success:

  • She had a reason big enough: Loss of intimacy in her marriage, embarrassment, fear
  • She followed the recommendations. Completely changing a diet is difficult but she did it without question
  • She engaged with support. She saw me monthly for a year

The results?

At 3 months 

  • Lesions had cleared 80+ percent
  • Bowel movements were happening at a minimum every other day if not every day
  • Sleep had vastly improved
  • Mood / faith was better, although she still had anxiety the lesions would return.
  • Liver enzymes normalized

And at 12 months

  • Lesions had resolved 95%
  • Digestion / bowel habits were good while on the herbs, but back to being constipated without the herbs
  • Sleep still great
  • Mood still improved

Where she is today at 14 months:

  • Lesions have resolved 98%
  • Worry the lesions will return has resolved
  • Continuing to work on digestion and detoxification
  • Libido has returned along with the intimacy in her marriage

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