Success Story #1

In the following case, my client frankly knew she was (in her words) ‘out of runway’. She had to make change and she had to make it fast.

[NOTE: Their results may not be your results. Results are dependent on a lot of variables, not the least of which is the client following the recommendations. No doctor should ever guarantee a result… this would be unethical.]


Success Story -
Conditions: Obesity, Hashimoto's, Fatigue, Fatty Liver Disease, Diabetes

A 48-year-old female came to me with multiple significant health challenges — not the least of which she weighed 386 pounds. She had been obese most of her adult life and had ‘yo yo’ dieted for two decades — losing weight, gaining weight, back and forth — she could never lose it and keep it off.

Years of obesity had led to fatty liver disease. Her liver was struggling under the weight, literally, and her medical doctor had referred her to a liver specialist for possible addition to a liver transplant list. I know — very dramatic right? She also had hypothyroidism, chronic depression and type II diabetes.

To put it bluntly, she was an absolute mess physically.

You can only imagine what hearing from your medical doctor that she wants you to inquire about being placed on a transplant list would do to you mentally and emotionally. She was petrified and had a lot of anxiety about all of this. She couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing, so she asked her MD if she couldn’t just lose weight and it would resolve.

Her medical doctor said, Oh, well, people don’t change.

Yes... you heard (read) that right.

Her medical doctor had so little faith in her that she didn’t even encourage her to try to change her health — and just referred her to the hepatologist.

So here’s what we did...


  • We evaluated for and removed her food intolerances — hers were egg so she eliminated all eggs from her diet
  • She eliminated all processed foods — processed meaning meals that are pre-packaged, frozen or come in a box. She had the funds to use a meal service that prepares food from scratch, so she did that for dinners. For breakfast and dinner, she made healthy choices at the company cafeteria. Minimally processed whole foods as much as possible
  • She decreased the volume of food she was consuming and ate only 3 times per day
  • She limited starchy carbs to 2 meals per day
Counselor in office

Mind Body

I referred her to a mind/body therapist she worked with for close to a year.  She had some issues from life that she needed help processing, and she had some significant changes to make in her relationships.  She worked on all of that during the year while she was also working physically.


When she first came to me she would go to bed Friday night and get up on Monday morning. She was so exhausted and depressed she couldn’t get out of bed. I made some sleep hygiene recommendations along with herbs to support her adrenal glands and she began to sleep much better. Over time this continued to improve.


I recommended:

  • Herbs that support the liver and adrenal glands
  • Specific nutrients that support the adrenal glands and thyroid, and
  • Specific herbs to help control sugar cravings

Water & Exercise

So often, the cause of our fatigue is dehydration. I recommended ½ her body weight in ounces daily and she did her best. I recommended yoga and walking

In addition to the above, she had other elements required for success:

  • She had a reason big enough: Avoid a liver transplant.
  • She followed the recommendations.
  • She engaged with support. She saw me and her mind-body therapist bi-weekly for a year.

The results?

In 3 months her liver enzymes normalized.

  • In 18 months she lost 140 pounds.
  • Her Medical Doctor decreased her metformin and thyroid prescriptions.
  • She had skin reduction surgery to remove 20 pounds of excess skin.

And here’s where she is today…

  • Her liver enzymes are normal. She’s not at risk of needing a liver transplant.
  • She met the man of her dreams, fell in love, remarried and moved to a different state to start a new job, new life and a new relationship
  • She continues to struggle with her weight. She has regained 40 pounds but is working with her new husband on changes to keep any additional weight gain at bay. They are engaged in a journey of health together
  • She’s happy. There’s nothing that defines health more than happiness

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